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Non-Blocking JavaScript to Pull and Display Social Share Stats

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Non-Blocking JavaScript to Pull and Display Social Share Stats

Post by Admin on Wed Aug 15, 2012 5:07 am

Company: The Future Post

Job Type: Project

Location: N/A

Job Description:
Looking for someone who can develop a script (does not necessarily have to be a plugin) that:
- Can pull post share statistics from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ via jQuery etc.
- The script must be non-blocking so that it does not slow down the overall page loading time.
- Should output the share statistics per post via a div tag with a specific class assigned to it. This is because we are using a plugin called Sharebar and it doesn’t do too well with supporting complicated JavaScript code. Also the output will be dropped into a custom-written HTML sharing button (already completed). It’s convenient because we can style the number with external CSS that won’t have to be included in the JS script.
This plugin (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/rtsocial/) also uses the same concept of pulling API data via jQuery and JSON in a non-blocking fashion.
TL;DR – We need a non-blocking piece of Javascript to call social share statistics (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) for use with custom designed buttons.
When applying, tell us:
- How much you expect to be paid.
- Estimated time of completion.
- Do you have PayPal?

How to Apply: contact@thefuturepost.com

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