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Looking for members to form an app development LLC start-up.

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Looking for members to form an app development LLC start-up. Empty Looking for members to form an app development LLC start-up.

Post by Admin on Thu Dec 15, 2011 8:25 pm


I represent a start-up iOS application development company looking for additional members with certain technical aptitudes. Our goal is to form a legal company with the purpose of developing games for iPhone and iPad. I and one other individual have developed a business plan that we intend to use as a guide going forward. I'm a recent graduate of Oakland University in Rochester Michigan with a degree in Accounting. My business partner is also a graduate of Oakland University. He holds a degree in marketing. We have a very general understanding of the technical knowledge required to build mobile iOS applications but not to the extent where we could build one ourselves. As such we are looking for like-minded individuals highly familiar with the Objective C programming language, Xcode, Core Animation, Open AL, Open GL and the other SDK tools to join us in forming a Limited Liability Company. We are willing to put forth all capital required to initiate the business. We are seeking programmers, game designers, and graphic artists. If you are interested in this opportunity we would very much like to hear from you. We can provide you with additional details and a copy of our business plan. tarspotstudios@gmail.com

Tar Spot Studios will primarily be a video game developer and publisher initially focused on content for iOS mobile devices.

MISSION STATEMENT: It is the intent and ambition of Tar Spot Studios to produce and distribute creative and highly entertaining mobile video games that are appealing and enjoyable to an extensive and diverse audience.

COMPANY GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: Tar Spot Studios will pursue the goal of becoming a profitable and inventive leader in the mobile video game development industry. Tar Spot Studios will begin operations with the objective of publishing its first title by November 2012. Tar Spot Studios will initially produce content solely for the iOS operating system but will operate with the goal of expanding to other platforms in the relative near future.
MARKETING STRATEGY: Tar Spot Studios will, at the outset, market the products it produces to users of Appleā€™s proprietary iOS App Store. The company will develop games that are targeted to casual gamers. The focus of marketing will be gamers in the age demographic of 18-44.

FORM OF OWNERSHIP: Tar Spot Studios will be organized as a Michigan LLC. The company will elect to be taxed under Subchapter S of Chapter 1 of the Internal Revenue Code for Federal and Michigan State tax purposes when profit is achieved and a reasonable salary can be given as compensation to the members for their services.

Positions we seek and associated membership interest:
Project Manager
Programmer (8.167%)
Art Director

Tar Spot Studios

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