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iOS Developer Wanted (Simple List View App) - All Content Provided

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iOS Developer Wanted (Simple List View App) - All Content Provided Empty iOS Developer Wanted (Simple List View App) - All Content Provided

Post by Admin on Thu Dec 15, 2011 8:28 pm

can't give too much away, but the app has essentially a tab bar for different video categories, then a table/list view of sub categories, and when you find the video on the list, you tap and a video is played.

The videos are on YouTube but I can host them on a server if need be. The videos are all owned by my partner, so no copyright issues or anything like that.

Preferably list of videos is dynamic ie. taken from a server so that new videos can be added, but if not, just make it easy to add new videos for an update (i do program obj-C if your thinking that i will be hopeless at adding new ones)

The app will be marketed on a website which provides these videos and these videos only, and in certain times of the year the site can get up to 20,000 visitors per day.

The cost of the app on the app store hasn't been decided but we reckon £1-£4, of which you as the developer will receive the first £600 (negotiable) in commission.

Now although £600 may seem like not a huge amount of money for an app, I will be working alongside you with the exact layout of the app, and i'll be doing any graphics that need doing, I can also publish the app under my own developer account.

Also, you may obviously take full personal credit for the development off the app, however my business (website under construction) will be considering it work produced by us, therefore we see it as us sub-contracting/outsourcing you for the work. We don't want your business (should you have one) to be named on the app, just ours, and your personal name.

Please email me on oliabc4@gmail.com if this is something you may be interested in. If there are any doubts or just a couple of things I may have said that have deterred you from this project, please get in touch anyway as arrangements may be made to work with you a bit more.

Thanks, Oliver (oliabc4@gmail.com)

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