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Post by Admin on Fri Dec 16, 2011 7:33 pm


GiftRocket is a gift card company that is disrupting the gift card market in a big way. We've been featured in Forbes, Mashable, TechCrunch, the SF Chronicle, and others. We're funded by top investors, including YCombinator. And we're growing incredibly fast.

We're looking for someone to head up inbound marketing. Our team members are extremely well versed in search marketing, so you'll be around people who can do an excellent job supporting you. We've guest posted on SEOmoz's blog-- see http://mz.cm/u6NYAX. Even Rand retweets our content:

- Skilled. You have the ability to build a lot of links, very fast.
- Experienced. You've created viral content and built up a search presence before, even if for your own site.
- Multi-faceted. You're capable of executing on your ideas in most ways, whether in research, design, or code.
- Creative thinker. Smart is good, but clever is better. You like beating the system.
- Focused. We want someone who will make this the primary focus of their life.

- Above-market salary & a significant equity stake.
- Medical / dental.
- Lunches, snacks, whatever drinks you want in the fridge.
- Whatever computer / gear that you want.
- Work in a sunny office in Cow Hollow just off of Union Street.
- A great culture. Our team is close-knit and has great time working together.

Interested? Drop us an email at jobs@giftrocket with your resume and some of your past work.

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