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Social Media is Serious Business for Leading Companies

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Social Media is Serious Business for Leading Companies

Post by Admin on Sat Dec 17, 2011 1:12 pm

I have found this article accidentally while I was searching for a topic in google. This catch my attention and made me think I should post this one first before me desired topic, this is a good read.

Social Media is Serious Business for Leading Companies [Study]
Just a few years ago, social media was something the kids were doing; a trend or fad that wasn’t going to last long. As social media networks have come and gone, a few have risen to the top and are now often incorporated into the advertising, PR, and customer service departments in leading companies, according to a new report.

Read more: Social Media is Serious Business for Leading Companies [Study]

Same rule, read the article first before posting.


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social media marketing agencies?

Post by social6 on Thu Oct 04, 2012 6:22 am


Good find. There was time when the guy with the loudest voice was the wealthiest. Then some dude made a megaphone.

For the entire length of time after the industrial revolution, printing and radio and tv were too expensive to give the normal regular people a voice. So the wealthy stayed wealthy.

But since socializing media that chain broke. Even the wall street journal is now owned by Carlos Slim... a mexican. ironic.

But.. the wealthy are finding ways to bring attention back to them again. 5 years ago, with just one blog, you could get thousands of email addresses of those who thought like you. Now... fat chance. Doors open but stay open breifly. If you're going to jump into Social Media for Marketing or Communication, do it quick.

Even facebook is limiting exposure to your posts to only 18% of your LIKERs.

True story. They want you to pay Facebook to get more of your LIKERS to see your post. What a shammmm!

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