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Creating a Book Price Comparison API Key

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Creating a Book Price Comparison API Key Empty Creating a Book Price Comparison API Key

Post by Admin on Wed Aug 15, 2012 5:10 am

Company: Helpful Textbooks

Job Type: Project

Location: Las Vegas, Nv

Job Description:
I currently have a book price comparison website where I pull the prices of books from over thirty online merchants to see who has the best prices. I am currently using the api key that CampusBooks.com gave me, so I’m really just an affiliate for Campus Books. I get about 6% commission of sales through my site, but Campus Books is also getting commission from my sales since I’m using their api key.
I would like to set up my website so that I can be like Campus Books, in which I’m still making commission from my own book price comparison website, but I’m not relying on Campus Books for anything anymore.
I would also like to have my own api key that I can give affiliates, in which they would get their 6% commission, but I’m also getting a commission from the sales that my affiliates made. In other words, I don’t want to be an affiliate to Campus Books anymore; I want to start functioning like Campus Books to where I have affiliates who are making me money.
Please send me your best price. I want a flat price rather than an hourly rate. You can email me at chaselee2005@yahoo.com

How to Apply: chaselee2005@yahoo.com

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